Brazilian molded fruit juice boxes

Hi you all!

This week I “Digged” the Brazilian molded fruit juice boxes! Ageisobar released a new campaign for the juice company Camp. Ageisobar’s campaign ad is on “The best ads on Tv” as the best experimental campaign! Whoot whoot!

The buzz of this natural juice boxes campaign is that the final product is actually just simply a “fruit molded like a juice box”. How cool is this campaign for promoting the lack of preservatives while increasing sustainability awareness? Actually, “sustainability” is one of the main goals of Camp. Ageisobar vision is to continuing development in protecting the environment by adopting environmental friendly practices.

According to ” Beyond Madison Avenue” Ageisobar worked developing this new concept during two years, and finally had their natural healthy cool looking molded fruit juice boxes delivered to the public.

” When the fruit boxes were harvested, Isobar Brazil delivered them fresh to local Brazilian supermarkets, fruits stands, farmer’s markets, and special street festivals. Once shaped, the fruits were perfectly edible, and their interior aspect was left untouched, ready to be enjoyed just as naturally as the nectar Camp makes. – Beyond Madison Avenue”

I really like this idea of having real fruits as juice boxes! How healthy and environmental friendly is this new campaign eh? I love when advertisements agencies create exciting innovative concepts that promotes well-being.

Although, this is a very creative advertising campaign, I wonder how receptive the overall consumers will be? I don’t think everyone will like to have their favorite fruit molded with the brand of a juice company. Umm…

I want to know: How would you like to have fruits shaped like a juice box? Do you think this concept will become a new trend?

Don’t mute the TV and stay tuned for the next week’s post!



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