Testing Skyvi app for Android

Hi everyone,

Last week I posted a video about Siri (IPhone virtual assistant app) poor performance in recognizing foreign accents. This week I found an article called “Skyvi [Android App Review] – Best Siri Alternative?” which has a video demo showing Skyvi’s features. Being an ESL speaker, I got very excited and decided to test myself to find out how well Skyvi (virtual assistant for Android) could recognize my commands. Note that I am a ESL speaker, and Portuguese is my native language.

Here it is another Testing Skyvi video:

As you could notice in the Testing Skyvi video, I have a strong ESL accent, so I think this app could be used as an entertainment too for ESL speakers, as opposed to a “virtual assistant”.

All in all, I love the idea of having my own virtual assistant, and I’ve been having tons of fun talking to Skyvi. Although, I think there are still a lot of room for improvement in order for Skyvi recognize foreign accents.

I wanna know: Have you ever used Skyri or Siri? What are your thoughts about this new virtual assistants concept?

Don’t mute the TV and stay tuned for my next week’s post!



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  1. Hi Aline,

    Loved the way you used background music in your videos and your titles. You obviously spent some time editing the clips.
    I have an iPhone 4S and I use Siri once in a while. It’s great when she understands me, and she’s supposed to learn your speech patterns as you use it more, but it’s usually faster to do it myself (as is sometimes the case with real assistants). It is fun to ask silly questions, but I am trying to use Siri more to set up reminders and such.

    Thanks for the comparison!

    • Hi Julia!
      Skyvi has a very good potential for being Siri main competitor but for Android users. It can be frustrating at times because obviously I am not a English speaker native, and of course I pronounce words differently, in consequence the app fails to recognize my commands. I wish Skyvi’s designers could develop another version for ESL speakers. Just like you, I also love asking silly questions. All in all, this app is a lot of fun and it has a huge potential.
      Thanks so much for your comment, and please stay tuned for next week’s post!

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