Ad Agencies Gone Digital?


How do you think that an ad agency in the era of social media networking is achieving its target market and promoting brand awareness?

In a world of ever-changing adverting and marketing options, agencies are adopting new strategies to make consumers interact with its brands. Let’s take a look how AKQA is using social media network to achieve marketing goals.

Heineken & Fiat campaigns by AKQA

AKQA, is a well-known agency specialized in digital and interactive work. Check it out some of AKQA’s recent campaigns on Facebook.

Heineken Start Player – dual screen habit made it easy

“Heineken Start Player” is among of many AKQA’s successful digital campaigns.

“The game can be played on a PC, iPhone or iPod touch and is downloaded from iTunes or played on the Heineken Facebook page. To score points, players anticipate events unfolding on the pitch live and make decisions on what will play out. (..) Players can compete and share scores with their friends, via Facebook, as well as other players around the world.” by

Advertising via social media platforms is also changing the way the audience behave or responds to a particular event. “Dual Screen Habit” is how Eliza Williams described “the tendency to watch TV while also chatting with mates via social media networks on computers or mobile phones”

“Eco:Drive- Fiat”- protecting the environment

Eco:Drive- Fiat is another successful campaign created by AKQA. The agency created an app called Eco:Drive, for Fiat cars equipped with Blue&ME. Users of “eco:Drive” app analyses travels and it converts all the information into easy to understand, facts and figures, things such fuel consumption, and CO2 emission.

 “One of the newest forms of media is not media at all, but software and platforms. Increasingly, AKQA is developing applications and marketing platforms that provide greater utility, entertainment and information to our clients’ customers without relying on traditional media channels.” – Tom Bedecarré CEO of AKQA to

I believe that the future for advertisement agencies will be web and mobile directed. I say that just because today if you really want to understand what your clients and customers are thinking or what is going on inside their heads, it is also essential take a look at what their friends are posting, tweeting about, sharing, checking in, playing, buying you name it! Social media is a big customer influence.  Agencies will have to work hard to make sure they have skilled and creative hackers in order to keep up with this ever-changing social media world.

I wanna know: What do you think about advertisement agencies using social media to achieve marketing goals?

Don’t mute the TV and stay tuned for my next week’s post!



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