“The Dark Knight Rises” and Chrysler Present: Imported from Gotham City

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This week’s buzz is the “The Dark Knight Rises” film release along with a contest that allow fans to create a video using Chrysler’s themes with the assistance of Warner Bros. Pictures! Check it out the social media release:

The original press release can be found at Pr Newswire.

“The Dark Knight Rises” and Chrysler Present: Imported from Gotham City

Chrysler presents “Imported from Gotham City” video contest – the winner will win a trip to Hollywood and star on television.

BURBANK, Calif., June 15, 2012 /PRNewswire

Warner Bros. Pictures and the Chrysler brand have joined forces to bring fans the opportunity to participate in the July 20th release of “The Dark Knight Rises”.

  • “Imported from Gotham City” contest: allows fans to create an original co-branded TV spot featuring both brands. Christopher Nolan the director/writer/producer will select the winner, which will star on television around the release of the film.
  • About the contest: Contestants will have two weeks to create their “Imported from Gotham City” commercial. They are allowed to use Chrysler 300 car footage, film footage and music from the trailer.
  • “Imported from Detroit”: is an advertising campaign by Chrysler which uses the user-generated contest as an opportunity to allow fans to share their creativity skills within the world of Gotham City.
  • Deadline: The deadline for submissions is on Saturday, June 30. There will be a four-day voting period when fans can vote on their favorite Gotham City video submission.
  • The Prize: Warner Bros. and Chrysler will announce the winning commercial on national television in the week of the film’s release. The winner will win a trip to Hollywood to finish their spot with the help a professional editor before traveling to New York City to attend the red carpet premiere screening of “The Dark Knight Rises” on Monday, July 16.
  • “Imported from Gotham City”: is another 30-second, co-branded spot television directed by Stacy Wall in partnership with Warner Bros. Pictures. This television spot along with a 60-second online spot features a 2012 Chrysler 300, which will be live on Tuesday, June 19, on NBC network. Both spots will be available on the Chrysler brand YouTube channel at www.YouTube.com/Chrysler.

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We’re excited for the opportunity to tap into the creative community online and allow those who participate to showcase their talent and passion. We look forward to seeing what unique spots people produce,” says Christopher Nolan – director/writer/producer

“The 2012 Chrysler 300 featured in this marketing and advertising campaign was created intentionally to look as if it could be driven on the streets and fit in to the nightlife of Gotham City; it’s clearly a vehicle that stands out and makes one take notice,” said Saad Chehab, President and CEO – Chrysler Brand, Chrysler Group LLC.

Merchandise of the film “Imported from Gotham City” will be available at Chrysler’s “Imported from Detroit” site www.ifdstore.com.

For more information and the official rules regarding the “Imported from Gotham City” contest, visit www.importedfromgothamcity.com.

About “The Dark Knight Rises”


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  1. I think Chrysler has done a good job on interacting with the “Batman” fans or its customers through this social media campign. It also helps to increase its cusomters’ engagment as well. Warner Bros. and Chrysler can also take this opporitunity to find some creative commerical editors, who can involve in their future projects.

    • Hi Vanessa,
      I love the idea of having Chrysler and Batman together! It brings value to both, the Chrysler brand and to the movie Batman. The video contest adds a lot of excitement to the whole campaign as well! Just love these ideas.

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