How effective is AdLand’s Facebook Fan Page?

This week I am going to analyse Adland’s Facebook Fan Page just to check it out how this blog (which by the way, shares all the juices directly from the advertising world) is using this popular social media networking platform.

The Ever Changing Land of AdLand

Adland started in 1996 and described itself as being the Mecca for “adgrunts” worldwide. It is a blog specialized in advertising around the world, sharing the entire buzz about advertising stunts and marketing mishaps as they like to say, this is all “from a creative point of view”. AdLand’s blog is also used as a commercial archive, forum and it serves as general purpose for people crazy for ads (just like me) or “adgrunts”. It gives access to an incredible 43,000 commercial and 36 years (older than me!) worth of Superbowl ads! Holy archive land!

AdLand’s Facebook Fan Page

Adland shares on its Facebook page all of its blog post related to the advertising world (of course), most of these posts are from collaborators to the blog. I believe that there are more than two contributors, just because there are many shares from different authors all posted in the same day. They post one to five posts per day, including blog posts and other contents such as advertising articles, videos and news.

Although there are many “shares” coming from the AdLand, it looks like an automatic action. I say that because there is not much engagement with its users. These shares have some “likes” but not many comments. So these observations lead me to say that maybe AdLand’s target audience are only reading the page but not interacting with the authors. It also looks like that AdLand’s Facebook page receives more comments from its audience on traditional advertising photos umm… I guess the old and bold traditional pamphlet advertising still rules and still gets reactions from the audience.

Add more “grunts” to it!

It’s funny how I always expect a blog about advertising being also very interactive and engaging on its Facebook fan page, but it looks like that this isn’t the case. Maybe they are only fanatics about advertising and are doing it for fun and not to create awareness of its activities? Not sure!

I would love to see AdLand Facebook page being more personal in a way that it would reach out to its readers ideas, comments, and interactions. It could also try to increase the two ways conversation with its readers, not only sharing content from the AdLand’s blog, but also try to understand if the readers are really interested in the content. AdLand could maybe pose questions more often about advertising campaigns and such to its fans, like creating more polls would also help.

What do you think? Do you think that just like advertising agencies, blogs that specializes in advertising should also aim to have a strong presence on Facebook fan page in turn increasing awareness of its activities?

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