3 Ways Blogging Helps Promote your Brand

As we already know, advertisements are made to persuade its audience to buy a product or service. But, how blogging could enhance these brands effectiveness in order to reach their target audience/market?

1. Blog your company’s product launch using SEO.

When your company launch a new product and wants to increase its online awareness, in order to promote these products your company should have at least a website or a blog. These platforms helps promoting the launch of your company’s products, thus it will also help to reach potential customers and to contribute to optimized search engine performance. In order to make this strategy more appealing consider adding:

  • Featured photos: It creates an easy visual reference (a picture is worth thousand words!)
  • Descriptions of products using specific keywords (Adwords can help you find trending keywords).
  •  Videos related to the product (e.i “how to product” or a demo)

Finally, to make your blog post “searchable” include keywords, title tags, header text, and a unique URL that describes your product. As a suggestion for increasing accessibility,  this blog might be featured as an internal blog, by that means, a blog within your company’s website. It will also be helpful making sure the link of your blog and page have easy access from your homepage.

2. Social Media Networks

Ok, so now your company have searchable website and blog, next step will be to inform current and potential customers about the new product. Your company should update its social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkeIn…). In case your company have multiple platforms, consider using tools to help you manage multiple social networks profiles. These tools will help you not only manage them but also saving time and keep your audience up to date.

  • Content: When using these platforms provide valuable content, be precise and informative.
  • Mediums:  Try different mediums to discuss your product, such as sharing podcasts, photos, or live chat with your connections. There is a great chance that your target audience is already getting most of their news, and information from these platforms, so this is a perfect way to promote your product.

3. Monitor customers feedback

Alright, so now your company have a website that has an internal blog, it is also engaging and sharing its information through social media platforms, so now what? You shouldn’t just post everything out there and hopes for the best (I used to think that way!). Now that your product is launched, you have to monitor this campaign. This will help you to measure if your strategy is really reaching the target audience, it will also help you to learn what customers are talking about your campaign or product. In this case use programs like:

  • Radian6: enables organizations to understand and gain insights about social media through metrics, measurement, sentiment and analytics reporting.
  •  Netvibes: is the all-in-one dashboard intelligence platform for real-time social media monitoring, social analytics, brand sentiment, reputation management.
  •  HootSuite: is an essential tool for managing social networks by tracking conversations and measure campaign results.

As blogger Seth Godin author of “Seth Godin’s Blog,” once wrote: “Social media isn’t about you, it’s about them.”

I wanna know: I gave 3 examples of how blogging can help promote your brand/product. What other ways blogging could help spread the word online?



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  1. Great article Aline, thanks for sharing! Netvibes is a life saver for us. We’re flattered that you recommended our humble dashboard as well!

    Let us know if we can help with anything, more importantly, HOOT ON!

    -HootSuite Community

    • Hi Connor,

      I believe your quickly response is the perfect example of how HootSuite dashboard can help businesses to organize, monitor and engage with its users and customers prospects in the best time manner!

      Thanks for your reply 🙂


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